Ministry of National Defense: Violent attack on liaison omagic pass disneyffice in HK "intolerable"

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The Ministry of National Defense spokesman Wu Qian [Photo by Zhu Xingxin/]

China"s Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday said the violent protest targeting the central government"s institution in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region over the weekend have challenged the central government"s authority, the bottom line of "one country, two systems" principle and are "absolutely intolerable".

Speaking in Beijing, spokesman of the ministry Wu Qian said they have been following the situation in the Hong Kong SAR closely, and paying particular attention the siege of the Liaison Office of Central People"s Government in the HKSAR that rapidly turned violenton July 21.

Hong Kong, billed as the "Pearl of the Orient", cannot be tainted, Wu said in the ministry"s press conference.

When asked whether the country"s People"s Liberation Army will be deployed to the SAR to pacify the city"s chaos, Wu referenced Article 14, Chapter Three of the Law of the People"s Republic of China on Garrisoning the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

According to Article 14, pursuant to the provisions of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong SAR the SAR government may, when necessary, ask the central government for assistance from the PLA Hong Kong Garrison in the maintenance of public order or in disaster relief.

The People"s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison exercise the powers as prescribed in the laws of the HKSAR when rendering assistance.

The law stipulates that troops shall immediately return to their station upon completion of the task.

Since mid-June, Hong Kong has seen a series of protests against the now-suspended extradition bill. They often turn violent later in the night, and the extent of violence has been escalating recently.

The latest event involved the hostile vandalism of the Liaison Office on Sunday, in which radical protesters defaced the national emblem.

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